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  PINOY DELIKASI.COM : Flavor on the Net
July 1, 2000 Sat., C-4 C’est La Vie section, Manila Bulletin

Filipinos around the country can now avail of the same treats and enjoy the very Filipino flavor through the internet. Pinoydelikasi. com ( www.pinoydelikasi.com ) is the first of its kind e-store in the Philippines that offers pasalubong treats to its clients from various region of the country. Pinoydelikasi.com gives a hassle-free pasalubong shopping to its on-line shoppers around the country and soon in major cities in Asia,Austalia and the U.S.

"The beauty of shopping at Pinoydelikasi.com," according to Lisette Cipriano,VP for marketing, "is that you don’t have to actually go around the country just for you to experience its local flavor. Just browse along our web page and find snippets of the island’s culture and main characteristics." Pinoydelikasi.com offers products from Bulacan, General Santos City, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Bohol and Davao.

Pinoydelikasi.com carries products such as: dried mangoes, pastillas, danggit, dried pusit, piaya, chicharon, peanut kisses, tuna bellies, and panga. All of these are available through free door to door delivery service at selected areas in Metro Manila. One of the advantages of shopping on-line is that you do-away with middle man that made a cost a lot higher. When a check was made to compare the prices of favorite Pinoy delicacies such as dried mangoes that are readily available in big supermarkets in Metro Manila and other key cities nationwide, Pinoydelikasi.com’s pricing are relatively cheaper by five to 10 percent.

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